About Taylor

Who I am

Hello! My name is Taylor and I am a junior studying Advertising and PR at Drake University. My focus is social media, traveling, photography, and events. I enjoy writing about my life experiences and capturing the moments through photos. I have experience in social media marketing through internships and work experience. You can find more about my skills and education on my Linkedin! On my website, I hope to turn it into a personal portfolio, where I can blog, share photos and ideas, and show my growth over the years!

I found my passion through Drake University. I never knew about majoring in Advertising or PR until this university helped guide me through my interest!

My Hobbies/Aspirations

I have a plethora of hobbies which include spending time with friends and family, volunteering at my local animal shelter, traveling when able, trying new foods, and learning about fashion. I hope to one day start my own business where I can advertise for companies, event plan, and sell products. I gained inspiration from my mom, who started her own successful business where she fulfilled her passions. Some dreams I have are to own multiple rentals in different states that I can put on Airbnb, blog, and post social media content on travels, and eventually I would love to own a big piece of land where I can raise a family and open a dog adoption center.

In the meantime, I hope to gain clients and help run social media through content, events, and creative problem-solving. I am currently gaining corporate experience through Iowa State University Extension and Outreach and implementing that into my creative side of thinking.

My Future

My life so far has been on track to achieve those dreams. I would love to continue my education past my bachelor’s and gain a master’s degree at University of Colorado Boulder or stay in Iowa for my master’s degree. Some of my favorite places I have traveled are Greece, Venice, Paris, Florida, Colorado, and hope to expand my list of favorites and travel the world after the pandemic. My time at Drake has been very rewarding so far. I have learned more about my passions, taken essential courses that have expanded my knowledge, and have been involved in my community and groups like PRSSA. I hope to gain beneficial connections with my professors to learn and grow from them during my remaining time at Drake.

Santorini, Greece